Engraved Key Tags

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Custom engraved metal key tags in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors are available
from NapTags.com.

You pick the material… choose from brass, aluminum, stainless steel or plastic. You choose the font and submit your custom wording. Or, send us your logo and we’ll custom engrave it.

Competitive prices and fast shipping.

NapTags.com 1-800-451-3330

Great Testimonial from a NapSupply.com Customer

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Here’s what another satisfied customer has to say about NapSupply.com…

“I ordered the 9″ x 11″ Job Ticket Holders from napsupply.com and received them very quickly. I am impressed not only with the quality of the merchandise, but also the customer service I received was better than any company I have dealt with on the internet. The price was a little high, but you get what you pay for.  If they had been cheaper in price, then I would imagine they would have been of a poorer quality.

I will definitely be doing business again with napsupply.com in the future!”

Weatherproof Key Tags – Blank or with your Imprint

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Weatherproof Key Tags are available blank or printed with any information your business requires. Can be written on with pen or marker. Simply peel and fold the plastic laminate layer to create a waterproof, smudge-proof key tag. Available in yellow or white. “Chrome-plated” steel rings are included.

Finished folded size: 1-1/4″ x 3″


Keep customers returning for future service

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Keep customers coming back!  Nap’s Preferred Customer Key Fob is a durable key tag that can be punched to keep track of service visits. These key tags are custom printed to include any offer or message. Choose one or two color printing and print on one or both side. This is an inexpensive way to get repeat business.

Call our service representatives today to order your Preferred Customer Key Fobs today!

Low Prices On Static Oil Change Stickers

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In this tough economic climate many people are cutting back on what they deem as non-essential car care maintenance to save money. One big cutback is oil changes; you may have noticed this in your shop. People are being told that it is ok to go up to 7,500 or 10,000 miles between oil changes but a lot of their driving is not conducive to these recommendations because they are driving in dust, salt, high altitudes, etc. By saving money on skipping oil changes more damage is potentially being done to their engine which will lead to more costly repairs in the future.

At Nap’s Supplies we want to help you save money so that you can cost your savings on to your customers. We carry generic and imprinted static oil change stickers along with plastic preferred customer key fobs which draw repeat customers. You can check them out on our Nap’s Supplies website, under the oil change static sticker tab.

Introducing WetBlock Floor Mat

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WetBlock Floor Mats

Introducing our newest floor mat at Nap’s Dealer Supplies: WetBlock Floor Mats!

These floor mats are coated with a special blend or polyethylene that is ridged to help absorb moisture and reduce slipping! The heavy polyethylene coating makes this floor mat one of the best water barrier products in its weight class. Try these floor mats out and your customers won’t be disappointed! As always, don’t forget to visit Nap’s Dealer Supplies for all your auto and car dealership supply needs!

Arrow Lock Econo ID Tags

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At Nap’s Dealer Supplies, we offer the best prices on Arrow Lock Econo ID Key Tags. Great American Automotive Products charges $43.50 for these key tags and calls them Arrow Shaped Key Tags, but we only charge $18.95! That is a tremendous savings in the pockets of our customers. Likewise, Sid Savage calls this product Econo ID Tags and charges $22.80, which is $5 more for the same product! Start shopping with Nap’s Dealer Supplies today so you can save money and get the same high-quality products that you are used to. Don’t forget to visit us at http://www.napsupply.com You won’t regret it

To All The Oil Change Shops Out There

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One of our newer products should catch the interest of every oil change shop in the country. We have customer loyalty specialty key fobs that can be used to keep your customers coming back to you for more business! These specialty key fobs are made out of hard-hardboard, which is a special type of composite that is both flexible and durable, but still economical. Right now, you can buy 500 of these specialty key fobs for the low price of $145.00! Go to http://www.napsupply.com today to make sure you don’t miss out on this great deal!

Repair Shop Statistics

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Here are some interesting figures obtained from the Automotive Service Association. The average shop spends $21,347 a year on advertising. Similarly, the average repair shop grosses $250,000 to $500,000 a year. This means that an average shop spends less than 1/10th of its income on advertising. Surprisingly, it was reported that only 51% of shops used online websites as a form of advertising.

Another interesting statistic coming from the ASA is that the highest average repair ticket amount in the United States by region was in the West at $398 and the lowest average repair ticket cost was in the northeast at $275.

Lastly, it was reported that 78% of customers for shops were repeat customers and that on average, the same car is serviced 3 times at the same shop in one 12-month period.

Hope you enjoyed that statistics and don’t forget to shop with Nap’s Dealer Supplies for all your repair shop supplies at www.napsupply.com.

About Us

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Nap’s Dealer Supplies was formerly known as ICS, Inventory Control Systems. We are now relocated in Grand Rapids, Michigan and are still committed to providing the same high level of customer service that ICS was known for. With the change in scenery, a few other changes have also come about. Customers can now order products directly from our website at http://www.napsupply.com. Similarly, they will be notified via e-mail when their product has shipped. Also, Nap’s Dealer Supplies is stocking many newer, up-to-date products that ICS never stocked. These include a wide range of bin boxes, repair order holders, wheel and seat covers, key tags, and forms. Car Dealers interested in getting great products at even better prices should check out our site at www.napsupply.com.

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